About Community Based Yoga

We are in the business of creating positive change. We believe change comes from within and if we want to see a world where people come before profits, happiness is the norm, and health is attainable to all, then we must embody those ideals ourselves. Personal and social transformation go hand and hand, and being the change is to become self-aware, so that you may share that truth with others. It means turning inward, leading by example and emanating love and compassion to all. You see, the practice of yoga does not begin and end on the mat. The truth is, yoga is not just about how gracefully you flow through the asanas, its also about how gracefully you can flow through life.

" Without inner change, there can be no outer change, without collective change, no change matters."
Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams

Community Based Yoga

Personal & Corporate Yoga and Wellness Programs

Yoga was traditionally taught one teacher and
one student;this allowed the practitioner to be able
to receive instruction and guidance to fit the
students particular needs
We offer private lessons which will jump start your
practice and have more one on one time with your
instructor. Take advantage of our competitive pricing.

email us taraneh@btcwellness.org for our rates


We offer tax deductions through our 501(c)3 project fiscally sponsored
through Social Good. All of your contributions of any amount support our programs
bring wellness beyond the studio walls for a thriving and compassionate San Jose.