Mind. Body. Spirit.

Tap into the peace, clarity, strength, and compassion that lives within.

A community that supports inner growth, and community care.

Be The Change Team

Our Experienced Instructors are trained in a variety
of techniques. They specialize in:
Vinyasa Flow • Power Flow • Yoga For Beginners
Restorative and Yin Yoga • Prenatal Yoga
Kids and Family Yoga • Senior and Chair Yoga
Kundalini Yoga • Therapeutic Yoga • Yoga for At-Risk Youth
Yoga with Teens & Young Adults • Yoga for Recovery


Our mission is
to offer accessible,
inclusive wellness &
healing for mind, body,
spirit, and community,
rooted in San Jose.

Our vision is to inspire
positive change from
within through yoga,
elevating the vitality of
our whole community.


-What is Yoga-

India gave birth to the science of yoga, but yoga is a science, study, philosophy and practice for all humans. The word yoga comes from the term “yug” which means to “yoke” or “unify” in Sanskrit. Yoga is a unifying force for mind, body, and spirit, as well as practice to connect us with the world around us...our community and our compassionate duty to one another. We belong to eachother.
We honor the eight-limb path defined by the sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutra while bringing in modern understandings of the present-day needs for yoga practitioners and best-practices for creating a nurturing, welcoming, and loving environment for our students to practice yoga.
Yamas / Restraint
Actions best avoided
Positive actions to cultivate
Releasing gross tensions from the body
Pranayama/Breath Regulation:
Harmonizing body, mind, and breath
Withdrawing attention from external distractions.
Focusing the mind on a single point.
Accessing a state of flow.
Effortless, integrated being.

Be the Change is founded upon

"All of us here at Be The Change have experienced the transformation of yoga in our own lives and simply wish to share its infinite benefits with others. We are dedicated to providing a safe, affordable and compassionate place for people to come and explore what yoga can bring to their own life.
"Peace, love, equality and health to all"