Benefits of Yoga

Can I do Yoga Even

if I'm Not Flexible?

Yes! practicing Yoga is a great way to loosen up tight.
muscles and cultivate lexibility over time. It is a personal practice infinitely adaptable to your needs and abilities.
The benefits of yoga are infinite can transcend the physical body.here is a list of the most commonly recognized physical and mental benefits: mind body spirit.

~ Strengthens the whole body
~ Increases metabolism and overall energy
    helps reduce stress and mental fatigue.
~ Increases lexibility and physical comfort
~ Calms the mind and restores mental agility
~ Decreases nervousness, irritability, and confusion
~Helps detoxify the body
~ Revives attention and willingness

When Practicing Yoga...

-Practice yoga on an empty stormach.try to not eat.
anything for two to three hours prior to practice.
-Ask questions,our instructors are here to help you.
-Breathe! Have Fun!
Keep practicing! Soreness after class is normal,but the more you practice the better you will feel.

Practicing Yoga

What should I wear and bring?

Dress comfortably. Wear something that allows
you to move easily. Workout clothes work per
fectly. We practice barefoot, so no shoes are
necessary. Bring a mat if you have one. We have
a limited supply of rental mats, however, we
encourage you to bring your own for sanitary
reasons. You may also want to bring a sweat
We invite you to explore all the classes we have to
offer. Each class will give you a new experience. How
ever, we understand that starting yoga can be intimi
dating, so we offer a beginners class that gently intro
duce you to the practice of yoga in a comfortable envi
ronment. Other great classes for an introductory
experience are Slow Flow & Meditation, Hatha and
Restorative Yoga. Please visit Class Descriptions for
more information.

Helpful Tips?

~ Start slowly. Ease into the postures it and be
gentle with yourself. Don't judge yourself or
push yourself into state of discomfort. As your
body starts to adapt you can advance into more
challenging poses.Drink lots of water to help
purify the body.
~ Practice compassion. Yoga is a process, so be
patient with yourself.
~ Keep practicing! Sometimes the most diffi cult part is just showing up to class.