Heather Rose

Heather Rose Goodman grew up completely in awe of the world and the beauty that surrounded her. It wasn’t until her first yoga class with Noell Clark that she was invited to see a world of beauty and awe at a potency unexplored simply by closing her eyes and moving in sync with the breath.

Her fascination with the yoga practice began with an alignment based focus and has over the years become about subtle energy practices, using yoga to work with social justice organizations and building a community out in nature.

Heather founded Sister Roots in January of 2016 as her commitment to serving the healing of women in their bodies and minds, completely aware of the complexity and perseverance required, much like an ongoing yoga practice.

Backpacking through Asia after her 200 YTT, diving into Vipassana style meditation and igniting an entrepreneurial phase of life, Heather is obsessed with the potential we are all gifted by being human beings. It is this work of opening to it all, on and off the mat, that she believes is the most powerful skillset to realize who we really are and live serving that possibility in others every day. ​