Marti Foster

What is your training?
From 1996 -2017, I completed senior level certifications from Shiva Rae, Dr. Judith Lasater and Jane Austin’s Mama Tree Education Program. I currently train and mentor prenatal and postpartum yoga instructors in the SF Bay Area.

Describe your yoga philosophy:
It has been simplified to “Be Present”. In Yoga and in life, this is a practice every moment. It begins with being present with Self, then flows into being present and available to all life.

What can students expect in your class?
In my Prenatal Yoga class, you will be at ease. My focus is to connect with each student, letting her know she is heard and supported on and off the yoga mat. The discomforts that come with pregnancy will decrease. Strength of mind and body will carry each mom toward an optimal birth journey.
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