Matt Lawley

What is Your Training?
Matt has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Alignment Based Hatha with Body Temple Yoga School in San Jose, CA and is currently in a mentorship program and assisting a 200 hour YTT with Body Temple Yoga School. He also recently completed a 100 hour yin yoga training with Shanti Atma Yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand with an emphasis on fascial studies and Chinese medicine.

What Can Students Expect From Your Class
Yin classes will explore different areas of the body by releasing connective tissues in the myofascial layer and opening associated meridian channels. Expect to hold each asana 3-5 minutes as we allow the body to find stillness, relaxation and your own personal edge/stretch.
Alignment Based Hatha classes will focus on fewer asanas building each pose from the ground up. Alignment principals and energy centers within the body will be highlighted throughout the class. Matt enjoys mixing in various live music throughout the practice so expect a mix of guitar, Tibetan singing bowls and whatever other instruments he can get a hold of.

What Else Are You Passionate About
Matt spends much of his free time in nature, traveling, playing music, practicing yoga and studying other healing modalities. By day Matt does marketing for small businesses with a focus on product marketing strategy, online advertising, analytics and search engine optimization. He currently works with many wellness businesses ranging from yoga studios and retreat centers to healing practitioners and wellness events including Conscious San Jose Festival. Matt began practicing yoga and meditation after being in a nearly fatal car accident in early 2015. These practices helped him rehab from the accident and rebuild his life in a way that is more aligned with his ideals and passions. He has seen huge benefits from these practices and wants to share them with others looking to find more joy and excitement in their lives.