Nathalie Mai Ngo (Mango Yoga)

Marathon runner, model, and surfer with Hawaii at the heart, Nathalie Mai Ngo or “Mango” fell in love with yoga by accident. Just ask her!​

​As studio manager and staff instructor at Be The Change, Nathalie seeks to create an environment and class for a diversified population of students. Her work with children and families in need has become both a passion and call to service.

Nathalie combines the challenge of power yoga with spiritual awareness and finding a joyful practice. Each class is engaging as she shares with you value in finding your own breath and journey through your own flow and inversions. Create the space that you need to make it out to your mat and give yourself the opportunity to see the world and your practice differently.

​To contact Nathalie directly, text 614-547-3364 or ​ email nathalie@btcwellness.org.