Nicole Steward

What is your training?
I’ve been practicing yoga for almost two decades and I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Berkeley Yoga Kula in 2014. Kenny Graham, Siri Peterson, Chrissy Graham, Saraswati Clere, Ai Kubo and Marc Silva were my wonderful guides. I am certified in Yoga for 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) taught by Nikki Myers and as a trauma-informed yoga teacher through the training of Zabie Yamasaki. ​

Describe your yoga philosophy.
Yoga is powerful and brings us fully present and into our bodies. Yoga is for every body and I enjoy holding space for others as they explore how it feels to be home again. I believe yoga should make us feel good and our mat should be a safe place to explore, getting to know our bodies better and treat them with a bit more compassion. I enjoy exploring the eight limbs of yoga, incorporating grounding exercises and invigorating poses to engage the body and mind for a full, well-rounded practice.

Describe yourself in one word.

What can students expect in your class?
I like to have fun in my classes and give people the freedom to feel good. Linking movement with breath and enjoying how good our bodies can feel is always the goal. I’m fascinated by the brain and how integrated movement can rewire our circuitry to make us healthier and happier. Folks will leave my class with a calm heart and a smile on their face. A solid workout will happen too, don’t worry!

What else are you passionate about?
As a social worker (MSW), I’m passionate about foster youth and making the world a bit kinder for them. I’m also passionate about self-care for social workers, service providers, and educators who have very challenging jobs and often burn out under the weight of their work. We need compassionate, present people taking care of our youth and I love offering ways to help them find stillness and calm to keep going in this challenging work. ​